About Us

Candela - Logo White

What's Candela

Candela (kanˈdɛlə) means “flame” or “fiery”. It’s also the short name of the Latin lady in our Meme, Candelaria.

Candela is a small ‘hole-in-the-wall’ restaurant offering authentic Latin American dishes, so patrons can experience the authentic colours and flavours that define a Latino. Food is honest and full of flavours, made with love and passion. Even though Candela is a small venue, it packs lots of Latin American energy and positive enthusiasm for life. No matter what you order, we guarantee it will be something authentic and unique. Our menu has Venezuelan, Colombian, Cuban, Mexican and Brazilian influences.

Our Story

When Oglidis - the chef - moved to Australia, the idea of a small restaurant was always in her mind. She started with a Mobile Food Stall which is still being seeing in festivals, concerts and country fairs offering authentic South American street food. Moving into a brick-and-mortar venue was considered a natural step up. Goodwood Road was the ideal location as it is becoming a dining hotspot, where a number of multicultural venues are popping up.

Our restaurant is small and cosy, so you will feel like you are seating at your Latino friends’ house, sharing some nibbles. Our setup is hearty and simple, all made of recyclable materials so we don’t have a huge impact in our environment. Our tables are themed with seasonal motives representing different icons from our homeland.

Meet the Team

Oglidis and Mijail - husband and wife - have put a lot of heart to offer a very unique range of flavours into their food, yet aiming to simplicity, quality ingredients and that homey feeling that fills not only tummies but hearts. They enjoy what they do, so the dishes reflect their enthusiasm.

Oglidis Hernandez

Founder and Do-it-all Chef

The chef behind the idea - has been working in Hospitality for over 20 years. She studied to become a Chef. Her family in Venezuela have a small business selling homemade Pastries & Empanadas, where she grew up seeing her father, mother and uncle cooking and selling delicious street food. So the passion for cooking is in her blood. She dreamed about having her own restaurant. Cooking is her life!

Mijail Alarcon

Director, PR, Logistics & Jack of all trades

Husband and co-owner - shares her dream and together want to offer the best of the Latin-American street food to the lovely people of Adelaide. Usually behind the scene, he is charge of setting up the mobile kitchen when attending outdoor events. Woodworker and handyman, all furniture and props have been mede by him using his bare hands and lot of passion and patience.